Team Architect

  • Have teams compete in constructing a structure capable of either holding the heaviest  object or having the greatest height
  • Cards or paper work well, but any material is fine
  • Time limit: ~10 minutes

Connecting Stories

  • Goal is to connect mini-stories in an interesting way
  • Each member gives a story referencing an element from the previous story
  • Use post-it notes to keep track of each story's topic
  • The group with the longest connected chain of stories wins
  • The winning group can share with the class
  • Time limit ~15-20 minutes

Two Truths and A Lie


Shared and Unique

  • Time limit: ~15-20 minutes
  • A variation would be “Two Truths and a Dream Wish”, which includes something someone wishes they could do
  • The first half is the Shared part
    • Have post it notes for each group to create a list of traits or qualities that members of the group have in common. (~5-6 minutes)
  • The second half is the Unique part.
    • Have post it notes for each person to write at least two unique facts about themselves (~5-6 minutes)
    • When time is up, have each group share the two most unique facts to the class