Teaming by Design
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Our Mission:

help individuals and teams learn to collaborate.

The ability to work in teams is a critical skill for the 21st century. With methods grounded in human-centered design, organizational behavior, and systems engineering, we provide online resources and in-person coaching support to teach individuals and teams to effectively collaborate. Through our work, we grow the teaming capabilities of individuals, develop inspiring and supportive team leaders, and catalyze teams’ progress towards innovative outcomes.


Why Teaming?

Solutions to today’s increasingly “wicked problems” demand radical collaboration. While individuals are increasingly asked to work in teams, they receive little guidance or support to help make their teams successful. We teach skills for effectively working in teams, developing self awareness as a team member or leader, and coaching teams. Our hope is to help develop teams’ capacities to leverage diversity and to achieve better, more innovative team outcomes.

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Our Impact

We provide in-person training and online resources to educate about the basics of working in teams with the goals of (1) developing individuals’ personal capabilities as team members and team leaders and (2) increasing the effectiveness of diverse teams towards innovative outcomes.



Organizations Engaged

We've worked with organizations spanning higher education, government, technology, healthcare, and construction to develop collaborative capacity.


Teams Coached 

We've guided hundreds of multidisciplinary teams through all phases of projects, coached them through challenges, and celebrated successes.  


Individuals Trained

We've trained thousands of individuals, from all backgrounds and levels of experience to work more effectively with others.

Team Process Framework

We provide in-person training and online resources to support that help individuals to learn about the basics of teaming and to develop personal capabilities as team members and team leaders. We further provide teams with guidance on how to construct effective and engaging environments that support teams, leading to better team outcomes and impactful innovation.


 TEAMS and the FUTure of WORK

At its essence, every organization is a product of how its members think and interact.” 

-Senge, Kleiner, Roberts, Ross & Smith

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook


Our Team

Teaming by Design was co-created by Dr. Sara Beckman and Dr. Rachel Dzombak, both from the University of California at Berkeley. They built on the work of many others with whom they have collaborated, including Dr. Barbara Waugh, Jane Creech, Ulrich Nettesheim, and Dr. Brandi Pearce. Teaming by Design provides resources and curriculum to help individuals and organizations realize the importance of leveraging diversity amongst collaborators and improve their teaming competency over time. Teaming by Design is currently integrated within a number of organizations as well as in project-based courses in engineering, natural sciences, the arts, and business at UC Berkeley and beyond, and we are continuing our research to build upon and improve what you see here.