Our Mission

Over the past 10 years, faculty and staff at University of California, Berkeley have implemented the "Teaming with Diversity" curriculum in project-based classes with the goal of preparing students to work together to solve problems that matter. Our hope is that by unpacking the elements of building great teams, we might foster self-awareness amongst individuals, as well as grow their competency in working across boundaries. The Teaming x Design toolkit integrates academic research and industry best practices, and is implemented using methods and exercises from the design field. This creates an engaging atmosphere through which learning opportunities can emerge. 

We believe learning to work collaboratively across disciplines is critical for engaging with wicked problemsWicked problems have no boundaries, are ever-changing, and involve many stakeholders. Solving wicked problems requires individuals to work together, to leverage disparate sources of information, and unlock new insights from the problem context. This process can only happen if we learn how to first relate to those we are working with, and then learn to connect our backgrounds and skillsets to create innovative change. 

By facilitating opportunities to learn to team, it is our hope that individuals will become more adept at unlocking the power of diversity to frame and solve problems, which can lead to exponential impact for themselves, their organizations, and society.

I don’t subscribe to the model of hero leadership, which is identifying somebody who can come in and have magical powers and then wield the wand and fix things that have not been fixable before. I don’t see that. I think leadership is a community affair.
— Ruth Simmons