Teaming Process


What will it take to create team ready and team capable students? We teach teaming through the four modules essential to team success: (1) Team Formation (2) Team Launch (3) Team Check-in and (4) Team Celebration. Each phase is critical for teaming process, though the phases will look different for every project and in every setting . 

Team Process Modules

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Team Formation

Team formation is the process of aligning around a shared idea and giving insight into potential team members’ individual ways of working. 


Team Check-in

Teams face challenges related to personality dynamics, project roadblocks, and shifting goals. Creating a space for feedback and reflection ensures team members remain engaged throughout the project duration. 

Team Launch

Team launch provides an opportunity to generate empathy for team members, yields insight into best practices of teams, and establishes initial project goals.  


Team Celebration

At the culmination of a project, celebrating accomplishments helps to provide closure and camaraderie. It further allows for reflection about future improvements on an individual- and team-level.


Faculty and instructors

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